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Shade Border And Junk Gardens

I’m very excited to share my Shade Border and Junk Gardens with you. Lots of you, Gingham Gardens’ readers, already know that I love putting together Garden Vignettes using repurposed and upcycled vintage items. Most of the junk garden decor items in my gardens come from flea markets, estate sales, thrift stores and even garage sales. Follow along as I also share some good tips for adding character to your gardens.

When we moved to our home in 2016, this area along the fence had been used as a race track of sorts. The soil was packed solid. At some point, after completing my other makeovers, I started using the lasagna method, which is layering cardboard and grass and leaf clippings, to kill off the grass and weeds. Because the soil was so packed, I decided to rototill the area. I added a few plants and shrubs in the fall of 2017, but left the major planting and overhaul until the summer of 2018.

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