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If You Like Climbing Gardens, Here Are 35 Trellis Designs That Make It Gorgeous

Here’s our favorite ways to turn your garden into a blooming oasis with a trellis.

A Southern garden is a thing of beauty, especially when there’s a trellis or two involved. These landscaping stars are multi-purposed in our backyards depending on what type you use: They can help stabilize tall-growing plants and create uniquely whimsical sanctuaries right smack dab in the middle of the garden. When daydreaming about how a trellis can elevate your garden, keep in mind that creating the right look is a two step process. First you’ve got to get the infrastructure in place, and then it’s time to set the stage with the right blooms. While some are prime for towering tomato plants, other trellises are best-suited for climbing, flowering vines, like climbing hydrangea, wisteria, and sky-seeking roses.

From structural trellises that help your veggies and vines grow tall and proud, to flowered outdoor arches and arbors, we’ve collected our favorite ways to turn out a trellis in the garden. Add these excellent examples to your vision board and get ready for your garden to bloom.
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Designate Rooms

Think of your garden as an open floor plan and use a trellis to section off radiant rooms. A trellis in bloom is a wonderful way to designate a space for dining or relaxing garden-side.

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Pretty Patio

Frame your patio with a flourishing trellis. Relaxing outside has never been more serene.

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Sweet And Seasonal

This trellis creates a space that’s ready for every season. In the warm weather months, it’s the perfect place to sit for a bit of shade by the pool, while in chilly temperatures, a fireplace under the trellis will warm you right up. This way, the outdoor hang-out is pretty and practical all year long.

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Garden Party

Create an intimate or romantic outdoor dining area by using a thick plant cover on your overhead trellis. Hanging lights from it adds to the mood too.

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Tiny Towers

Tall, free-standing trellises shaped like miniature lighthouses add interest, symmetry, and curb appeal to this home exterior. It’s a simple and elegant way to elevate your from yard’s landscaping to new heights.

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Barrier Wreath

Erect a trellis as a barrier to separate a cozy area of relaxation. Keep it barren or add some life and soon, blooming climbing vines will be joining the party.

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This criss-cross tomato trellis is just what the horticulturist called for to help your young saplings grow up healthy. We especially love this trellis because it is subtly interesting to the eye.

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Welcome Wisteria

When debating what kind of plant to adorn your trellis, wisteria is always a good choice. You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous, vibrant bloom that loves to climb high.

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Set The Mood

If your property is surrounded by a fence, a gorgeous trellis framing the gate is sure to be a warm welcome. This is the initial point of contact that guests will be met with when visiting, so a tremendous trellis is sure is sure to be a great first impression.

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Rope In

This classic tomato trellis is all clean lines and simple squares. It’s a strong support system for a vertical growing plant and a wonderful addition to your veggie-forward garden.

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Morning Glory

When supported by a handsome trellis, Morning Glory flowers will certainly be their most vivacious. When choosing what flowers to plant along your trellis, these ones are a glorious choice.

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Cool Beans

Why limit your trellis’ potential to flowers and tomatoes when the wonderful world of legumes beckons. Tall-growing bean vines like this one will make for a stunning and fruitful feature in the garden.

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Iron Down

The contrast of bright florals and stern, embellished iron is a sight for sore eyes. Choose your most peppy and lively floral for this promising pairing.

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Build A Pyramid

A towering trellis is the trick to this garden stunner. An intriguing shape is an easy way to boost the interest factor of a necessary support system.

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Box It In

This expanse of trellises is wide-sweeping and prepared for a spectacular summertime show. Soon, this space will be flush with columns of bright blooms.

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Pop Of Color

The flowers sprouting from the trellis don’t need to be the only color in the equation. Painting your trellis a bold color is gorgeous and exciting alongside contrastingly bright florals.

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Color Coordinate

If you’re set on your favorite floral to plant alongside your trellis, a splash of paint can go a long way in completing the visual. While a contrasting color will make an impression, a matching shade can be beautifully cohesive, too.

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Frame Containers

Place striking planters underneath your trellis to accentuate any container garden. Having plants at the ground level, in containers, and up on a trellis creates a dynamic garden that flourishes at multiple levels.

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A Rosy Resting Place

A trellis is just the thing to frame a garden-side resting place. This hanging bench is cozy and whimsical thanks to a tall trellis bursting with pink flowers.

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Private Oasis

Carve out a space in the garden by sectioning out gated walls and an overtop trellis. The open-air trellis will prevent the space from becoming too closed-in while still creating the cozy environment you were going for.

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Outdoor Shower

For those whose backyard includes a pool or a large garden to get your hands dirty in, an outdoor shower could be just the addition to make for easy, practical clean-up before heading inside the house. Cover the shower head with a bright trellis and blossoming florals to distract from the eye-sore nozzle.

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Create A Pathway

Tired of guests striding right on through your greenery? Accentuate your pathway for framing it with a series of arched trellises. The wonderland this sequence of trellises creates is functional and appears out of a garden fantasy.

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Take To New Heights

A robust and tall trellis is an excellent way to make florals stand out amid a surface-level garden. It allows blossoming flowers to stand tall and set themselves apart from their budding peers.

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Tucked Away

Carve out a corner of your garden for relaxing and entertaining by using a large trellis to separate the space. Over time, flora will blossom across it to create the perfect garden getaway.

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Rock Wall Trellis

If you have a stone wall or border in your garden, it’s time to think outside the box. That rock wall doesn’t need to be a boundary ending the garden, but can rather be an extension of it. Use your stone surface as a trellis, planting climbing vines to take hold.

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Frame The Front Door

An eye-catching climber is just the thing to welcome guests into your home. beautiful bloom climbing up and around your front door is an easy and exciting way to heighten your curb value and exterior interest.

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Full-Circle Trellis

A lovely climbing vine wrapping its way all around your home’s exterior features is aesthetically pleasing and visually satisfying. This greenery uses a brick wall as its very own trellis and makes its way prettily around white windows.

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White And Green Everything

Stick to the classics and go for a white and green color scheme for your landscape. This color combo is always a winner and evokes timeless style that will be beautiful for many years to come.

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Well-Groomed Trellis

This trellis with climbing greenery is so well-maintained that it resembles a hedge. Luckily, it requires far less maintenance that a needy hedge since because of the structural trellis foundation, and provides an opportunity for pretty outdoor light fixtures.

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Mailbox Trellis

our mailbox is a trellis waiting to happen, too. Let tall flowering vines climb up your mail box to impress passers-by and your favorite mail crew.

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Green Gates

In this garden haven, floral bloom beautifully atop deep green fencing. This strategic paint color matches the flowers’ greenery, blending in seemlessly, and almost tricks the eye into believing that we’re seeing the tall stems rather than a fence.

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A Trellis Between Houses

Show some neighborly love by building something beautiful that you can both enjoy. A trellis between homes makes even the most simple pathways magical.

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Brick Trellis

Brick and leafy vines is a match made in garden heaven. Create your very own Eden by planting vines to embrace red brick walls in your garden.

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Fenced-In Trellis

Start at the fence and let the flowers take it from there. Thanks to a trellis on the entryway fence, blooms will welcome guests and follow them as they head deeper into the garden.

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Fountain-Side Sanctuary

A trellis is a wonderful excuse to spend more time outside in your garden admiring the view. Build a trellis with seating underneath in prime view of your garden’s main event, like a fountain, bird-feeder, or prized plant collection.

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