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How to protect your garden from frost: 22 clever ideas


An unexpected frost can be devastating to your garden, especially if these temperatures come at a time when the weather has been warm and beautiful.

That’s why, if the temperatures seem like they will be minus, it’s good to prepare and protect your garden.

Bringing potted plants indoors

It is important to keep an eye on the weather to see when the temperatures drop. If the nights are a bit colder and the temperatures drop below 2 or 3 °C, it is good to bring the potted plants indoors.

Potted plants will suffer the most if left outside. They will not take advantage of all the benefits that some plants that are positioned right in the soil have. That’s why potted plants are much more sensitive when it comes to sub-zero temperatures.

Add a thick layer of mulch

It is important to add a thick layer of mulch to your garden to protect it from sudden temperature changes. You can use leaves, straw, pieces of wood or other vegetable scraps. Keep these plant debris clean so you don’t spread disease or pests to your soil.

Cover the plants with improvised mini-greenhouses

You can create mini-greenhouses to help protect your plants. These mini-greenhouses can be created from plastic cans, but also from other improvised containers. You can also create a blanket with the help of a polypropylene that has thermal protection. This can be bought in speciality stores, but also in many other supermarkets.

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