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Before and After Backyard Transformations

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    If your backyard is a jungle or simply boring, you might be dreaming of finally doing something about it—now is the time.

    Backyard makeovers are creative and fun to do, and they transform more of your property into usable space. Entertain guests, let your pets roam, or enjoy your private outdoor space in solitude. Keep it basic with new grass and a fire pit or scale it up with elaborate hardscaping, DIY backyard decks, and water features.

    We’ve rounded up 9 stunning backyard makeovers to inspire your next renovation.

    How to Make Over Your Backyard

    Start with a goal that helps you come up with an overall plan for your backyard makeover. Are you the social type who dreams of summer barbecues and evening soirees with plenty of friends? Or are you looking for a private oasis that will help you forget the hustle and bustle of your work day?

    A deck will elevate your party, giving you a solid, dry space for all of your fun activities. Another option and less expensive is a ground-level patio made from bricks, pavers, flagstones, or even with gravel.

    When to Make Over Your Backyard

    The most favorable time to begin your backyard makeover runs from late spring to early fall, in most areas. But it all depends on what you’re doing. For one, concrete is temperature-sensitive; generally, you will want temperatures to be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Bricks and pavers can be laid at any time of the year, as long as the ground is soft enough for you to dig several inches down.

    Many homeowners choose to accelerate their backyard makeovers, pushing them into those less-than-favorable months so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labors in spring and summer.

    Before: Dark and Dreary

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    The backyard had everything going against it with muddy grounds and dominating weeds. Nothing about the yard was friendly or inspiring, so home bloggers Chris and Julia, wanted to make over their backyard but they could only devote one weekend to the project.

    After: Weekend Transformation

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    After removing the stump, weeds, and excess, Chris and Julia added steel walkway edging to contain the pea gravel. A few flagstones at the beginning of the walkway encourage guests to walk toward the back. The truly tempting invitation, though, is the do-it-yourself fire pit. They purchased the fire pit as an all-in-one kit. But similar fire pits can easily be built by creating a circle of retaining wall blocks.

    Weekend Backyard Makeover from Chris Loves Julia


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