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Are you looking for a special DIY garden decoration idea? Find 40 interesting ideas among our photo examples

Decorating the garden is a creative and fun activity that brings all members of the family together. There are many ways to decorate the exterior. You can buy new decorations or tinker with old objects and look forward to original creations made with your own hands. The charm of vintage recycled objects, used for the decoration of the garden is hidden behind their history. They bring character thanks to their authentic stamp, patina, and imperfections. Even when rusted, a recycled metal object blends into the outdoors and decorates the garden naturally, organically.

Brand new decorations purchased from the store aren’t the only option. Find the best garden decoration idea among the forgotten objects, relegated to the bottom of attics or cupboards. In the garden, old shoes, cupboards, sinks, or tires will easily find their second youth.

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