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A Collection Of 21 Ideas To Organize Your Front Garden With An Emphasis On Ease Of Care And Optimum Space. Add Shade To It Perfectly

Many times I think about landscaping. There are often many limitations to worry about, whether it’s about budget. the size of the area or even the style of the garden TodayiHome108 Therefore, we have gathered 21 ideas for organizing a garden in front of the house , focusing on easy maintenance, taking up little space. Add shady to it perfectly. Guaranteed to make your home look beautiful in every corner. There are some interesting types, let’s go and see.

garden arrangement ideas



Arrange a garden in front of the house in modern minimalist style.



Decorate the base of the tree to look beautiful.

Tropical style forest garden


A forest garden that gives the atmosphere like bringing a real forest into the house

Walkway garden, like a rock garden, focusing on easy care, no problems with annoying grass.


Decorate the corridor to the house to look fresh and shady. create a new atmosphere so as not to make the house look boring



Japanese style garden decoration




A garden that focuses on simplicity, not much maintenance, enhances the atmosphere to make the house look beautiful and lively.


Decorate the garden with colored pineapple trees. It can help add interest to the garden to look good quite a bit.

A tropical stream garden that looks like a real forest.

mix gardening The composition is beautifully arranged.

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