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45 Garden Arbor Bench Design Ideas & DIY Kits You Can Build Over Weekend

To be honest, we haven’t seen a garden arbor bench in anyone’s backyard in the US … yet. It must be a European design idea because every time we’re doing research, mainly the UK sources come up, and they call it arbour, of course. We’ve seen arbor gates, yes, but not a bench or a seat. In any case, it’s becoming very popular in America and we can see why. It must be a part of the same trend that brought us the She sheds. Both serve the same purpose pretty much – to have a little hideaway in a garden.

Gable roofs are some of the most common in garden arbors. They can be built as straight or curved, solid or covered with lattice work. It’s a reflection of a classic arbor design coming from the English era when gardens were the most important parts of estates. These are best for creating a shady garden seat.

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