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44 Beautiful DIY Woven Wattle inspirations for garden decorations- Create a flower bed border or fence

Who would have thought that something so beautiful could be created from ordinary willow and wicker? However, our photo gallery proves that it is really possible. Create a beautiful flower bed border or a fence. It looks great and it wonā€™t cost you almost anything. Take a look at the following gallery and get inspired.

Wattle is a beautiful and practical approach to fencing, and with these newly found skills, funny things could start happening. You just may find yourself spending a silly amount of time admiring the newest addition to your garden or livestock fencing, with a warm beverage in hand. Wattle Fencing came on the scene around the Middle Ages and was a favorite construction method for animal and land management.

When I see Wattle fencing, I feel a clinging to my skin, and a wistful smile crosses my face. And now, you can feel that too. In the following images, you will find many ideas for DIY Woven Wattle inspirations for garden decorations.

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