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37 Modern Water Features For Your Outdoor Space

If you have an outdoor space, you may refresh it and add interest to it with a water feature. What water feature to choose? A waterfall, a fountain, a pond or a water garden, for example, and today’s roundup is dedicated to all of them but very edgy and modern ones. Let’s see how to style a water feature for a modern, contemporary or minimalist space!

Modern Waterfalls

A waterfall is a spectacular feature for any outdoor space, it will fill the space with a soothing feel thanks to the sound of falling water. How can a modern waterfall look like? The most popular idea is a box-like or bowl-like waterfall made of concrete, stone or metal, you get several bowls and water flows from one into the other. Another idea is incorporating your waterfall into a wooden slab, get some faucets and a large bowl where your water will flow. Stick to modern materials like stone, concrete, metal and very sleek and clean lines.

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