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36 Wall Decor Ideas With “Breeze Block” to Make Your Home Feel Brighter and Airier

What are ventilation blocks? If you’re moving or currently renovating your house, you probably have heard of ventilation blocks.

The ventilation block or breeze block – is an innovative ventilation material. It was initially designed to cool your house and happens to be the perfect material for homes that are built in hot and humid conditions.

Having ventilation blocks built into your front wall makes a perfect introduction to your home. It shows style and raises your home’s overall aesthetic value.

The holes on the blocks gives your home a feeling of spaciousness, eliminating that boxed up feeling if you were to build it as a plain brick wall.

Besides being visually appealing, it also sets a clear boundary between your home and the road because of how it radically stands out.


Ventilation blocks are very versatile when it comes to different home interior applications and designs. Because they come in a wide variety of geometric designs and shapes, they can be easily molded into various shapes and patterns to fit your interior design needs.

Plus, they don’t require someone to have extensive designing experience to put up, making it easy for most contractors and home renovation teams to build.






















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