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34 Wall Decorating Ideas With “Breeze Block” for Inside & Outside the House

There are plenty of sun-shading techniques practiced in modern architecture nowadays. One that continues to make a comeback is the breeze block wall.

In fact, it has been around in our homes and institutions since ancient times and quite strongly stood the test of time due to its numerous uses and decorative purposes.



Yet, the house remains equally bright because of rays of the sun peeking in through the perforations of the breeze block walls.

In fact, concrete hollow blocks are quite ideal for designing customized breeze block walls.


Concrete hollow blocks are made from recycled materials from the construction industry, and are machine-made, giving them a smooth and clean appearance.

They are highly tough and durable, and can keep the interiors cool during the summers and warm during the winters. Their production does not cause pollution or waste.

The hollow within each block is what makes them ideal for customizing into different shapes for breeze block walls.



























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