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34 Creative and Affordable “Indoor Garden” Ideas to Freshen Up Your Apartments

Flower beds, patio gardens , and planters undoubtedly add appeal to any home and make for some really fun hobbies. But sometimes you just don’t have the space, or you might prefer to spend your time inside where the elements (and bugs!) can’t really get to you.

In these instances, you can never go wrong with adding a few indoor garden ideas to your home.

Lucky for you, the options for indoor gardens are never ending. You can cultivate your own indoor lemon tree, start a delicious herb garden, grow a living wall—or, if you’d rather start simple, try nurturing a small collection of succulents.

What makes the indoor version of a garden so fun is how easy it is to mix and match the most random and diverse group of plants and the ability for you to keep your garden blooming and sprouting year-round.

To bring some greenery into your home and experience all the benefits different indoor plants and flowers have to offer,


see the indoor garden ideas below to get started. You’ll wonder why you never started your own indoor garden earlier.





























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