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33 Landscaping Ideas for “Water Features” to Freshen Up Your Backyard

Water features can transform your garden. The murmur and trickle of a waterfall, the soothing surface of a pond, or the play of light in a fountain can take your garden from pretty to wonderful.

Planting flowers, digging the soil for veggies, maybe planting a tree or two–all of these are relaxing. But sitting down before a waterfall, fountain, or pond after your work can take relaxation to zen levels.

Adding water features to your garden may sound like expensive hard work. But you can create a beautiful waterfall, pond, or fountain without gruesome work. And without burning a hole in your pocket.

A water garden will make a beautiful and relaxing addition to any yard. The installation of a natural waterscape will transform your property into an inviting paradise while fitting into the existing ecosystem.

Once you have a water garden, you’ll find that you spend more time outside and as a result feel more relaxed.































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