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32 Wonderful Garden Island Ideas To Spark Your Inspiration

Do you love the look of a well-maintained lawn? Probably, yes. But doesn’t it feel too boring? Creating a garden island somewhere in the yard will surely make the yard more enjoyable and the curb appeal sensible.

Here we have prepared a collection of garden island ideas that are easy to make and budget-friendly. Each of them could be a gorgeous addition to the landscape.

Let’s take a closer look at 32 of the most wonderful garden island ideas to spark your inspiration.

1. Small Rock Garden Island
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The perfectly maintained lawn creates a green background for a rock garden island. It can be made easily with stacked rocks and flower pots inserted between the stones.

2. Tiered Garden Island with Pavers

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This garden island is positioned in the front yard to improve the curb appeal and add a pop of color to the green carpet. The island consists of a kidney-shaped center and two semi-circles, all outlined with pavers.

3. Kidney-shaped Garden Island Idea
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The island with a paver edge can be on a larger scale. The kidney-shaped garden is in the center of the yard and looks like a living oasis within the mowed lawn.

4. Garden Island With River Rocks
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The garden beds that are surrounded by river rocks enhance the natural beauty of the island and also highlight it.

5. Garden Island With Mulch

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Covering the garden island base with mulch will limit the growth of weeds and will also create a natural contrast with the green lawn. The wood chips can be found in colors from brown to red which differentiate the garden from the rest of the yard.

6. Garden Island Around A Tree
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If you are wondering what location is best for a garden island, an existing tree is a good option. The garden island will turn the tree into a focal point.

7. Small Garden Island With Pitchers
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You can always use repurposed items to give the island character. Terra cotta pitchers are antique containers that look amazingly as flower pots or decorations of a garden.

8. Spiral-shaped Garden Island

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Spiral-shaped islands fascinate with their curves. Usually, the beginning is the highest point of the garden bed which descends towards the end. In this garden island idea, the spiral is very well defined from the rest of the yard with a tall border made from logs. It keeps the soil fixed and adds a rustic touch to the garden.

9. Garden Island With A Pond Basin
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A pond basin is repurposed into a flower pot dug into the ground. The basin is wide enough to accommodate a tree in the center and seasonal flowers around it. The final touch is a border with river rocks.

10. Garden Island With Evergreens And Seasonal Flowers
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This garden island is given an interesting look with the half fence made from large stones.

The plant variety is generous- evergreen shrubs, seasonal blooming flowers and perennial greenery.

11. Curved Garden Island
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This small island is so whimsy! If you take a closer look the shape reminds of a cross. Colorful layers are created with the plant varieties.

12. Raised Garden Island With A Liner
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If you have liked the garden island idea with the pond but the sizes are too small for your garden island project, use a plastic liner instead.

Lay it to shape the island and to stop the growth of weeds and then fill it with soil and beautiful flowers. In case the end of the liner is visible, hide it with river stones or pebbles.

13. Succulent Garden Island
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This garden island can be called a succulent rock garden. For that idea, you don’t need any special tools or materials, only stones found at the riverside and succulents.

Stack the stones in the shape you desire and then fill the gaps between them with soil. Succulents’ roots are short and the available soil will be sufficient for them to develop.

14. Pebble Garden Island
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Gravel beds are very trendy and there are many reasons for that! Mostly, they easily turn a garden into a focal point and secondly, they minimize the maintenance efforts.

15. Rustic Garden Island
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This paver and pitcher arrangement is another great example of a rustic garden from our garden island ideas. A large wagon wheel is repurposed into decoration to highlight the farmhouse flair.

On one side of it, blooming flowers “flow” out of pitchers and on the other, an ivy is planted directly in the ground to cover the pavers and create a green carpet over the stones.

16. Edging Garden Island
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Another good location for a small garden island is the edge of a walkway or a fence.

This landscape method gives an existing outdoor feature a more appealing and finished look.

17. Garden Island With Flag Stones And Gravel
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This landscape design from our collection of garden island ideas features a lawn oasis outlined with flagstones and gravel. The combination mimics masonry work because the flagstones are dug into the ground.

The planting of evergreen shrubs and the overlayer of white gravel give this landscape feature the look of a rock garden.

18. Dry Creek Garden Island Idea
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Another great arrangement suitable for a garden island is the dry creek. It can be made from small river rocks or gravel or a combination of them.

There should be a starting point of the creek and people tend to use terra cotta pitchers which create the creek illusion.

19. Raised Garden Bed With A Natural Border
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This is an interesting landscape feature from our collection of garden island ideas. It stands out with the natural border of the island. The garden looks like a cut from the maintained lawn.

The contrast between the soil of the island and the green grass makes the garden stand out.

20. Tiered Planter Around A Tree
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This cake-like garden idea is amazing!

The tiers create a symmetrical garden island centered around an ornamental tree. The plant variety is only one to keep the elegant flair.

21. Gravel Garden Island Idea
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Another example of a rock garden in the garden island ideas features a border from grey gravel and an overlayer of white gravel.

The combination of two gravel colors lets the parts of the island be visually defined.

22. Rock Garden Island Idea
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The plain chain-link fence can be given a more appealing and attractive look with a rock garden next to it.

The combination of various sizes of rocks and farmhouse elements coordinates the island feature with the existing landscape.

23. Garden Island With An Exotic Plant
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If there is an exotic plant variety in your garden, the garden bed around it can highlight it. Check this example from our garden island ideas!

A small rock garden surrounds the palm. The white and grey hues of the stones create a contrasting backdrop for the ornamental leaves of the palm.

24. Garden Island Idea With Stacked Stones
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As easy as it looks, the garden island landscape can be easy to make!

Simply gather stones from the forest or from the riverside and stacked them together. Use the gaps to put flower pots or to plant directly in the soil.

25. Drive Lane Garden Island
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The drive lane is an inseparable part of the property; improving its look will affect the overall curb appeal of your home.

An easy-to-make and maintain idea is to create a garden island with plant varieties that don’t require much care. Evergreen shrubs are great for this purpose.

26. Spiral Garden Island With Paving Stones
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This DIY garden island is one of the most fascinating ones in this collection of garden island ideas. The garden bed’s spiral shape and descending design create a point of interest.

The plant kinds can be seasonal or evergreen. As for the shape material, paving stones are easy to stack and stable to keep the soil within the limits of the garden.

27. Drive Lane Garden Island With Mulch
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Mulch will make the drive lane garden island appealing and easy to maintain. Pour the wood chips over the soil after you have planted the flowers.

28. Curved-shaped Garden Island Idea
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The easiest and quickest way to create a garden island with curves is to get a panel and insert it in the prepared ground piece. The plastic such a bed is made from is durable and you can choose from a variety of shapes.

29. Garden Island With Seasonal Flowers
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Most people plant evergreen shrubs in their garden islands because they require less maintenance and are green all year. If you are the type of person who loves the colorful blooms and unique fragrances of seasonal flowers, you can plant flowers instead.

A big garden bed like the one featured here offers you a large canvas to practice your green thumb.

30. Garden Island Divided By A Stone Wall
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Whether because of the terrain peculiarities or because of the unique look, this garden island is divided by a stone wall. There are plants on both sides of it creating a symmetrical natural pattern.

31. Spring Flower Garden Idea
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While most of the examples in our recent post for garden island ideas were focused on the evergreen plants, here is an idea for a spring-inspired garden bed.

The varieties are planted tightly to create tufts of flowers in the blooming phase.

32. Abundant Garden Island Idea
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The garden island can be your paradise where many flower kinds are mixed with ornamental greenery and cute decorations.

Surround the bed with river rocks or flagstones to highlight this special part of the yard.

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