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31 Ideas With Just A Few Square Meters Turn Your Garden Into A Miniature Jungle In The Heart Of The City

Create a refreshing green oasis in the middle of the city. This idea highlights the garden setting and a well-thought plants to create urban jungle during the summer. There is no need to have many square meters to have an outdoor retreat at home, but only need creativity, a little dedication and a lot of love for outdoor plants. Take advantage of every meter from outside your room and create the green forest you dreamed of. Here are amazing urban jungle ideas ranging from outdoor living areas to relaxing areas to eat. Find out how this will make your vacation at home more enjoyable.

Outdoor living space

Summer is already being felt, it’s time to bring more fun by creating outdoor relaxing spaces that make anyone feel comfortable. What makes this outdoor living space so special? The first living room is unusual because it is outdoors and surrounded by various types of trees and plants. Don’t be afraid to place any type of pot or plant stand that you like, even though the area you have is small but with a good arrangement it will feel wider. Consider choosing furniture that is not too big but still comfortable for you and your guests. If possible you can even make a DIY garden bench that is adapted to the size of your outdoor. Second, add other elements to beautify your outdoor space such as pergolas, decks, and fences with vines. Focus points such as fireplaces and fire pits will warm you up into the night


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Outdoor dining space

This season is the season for outdoor parties. Invite some friends or co-workers and enjoy a meal at the urban jungle surrounded refreshing. Whether you want to make an outdoor dining space for a large banquet or just a few built-in seats, make sure you adjust to the area you will be using. Consider adding a green punch to your outdoor dining space. Decorate with local plants, they are easier to grow in your area, try some potted plants to add beauty. Because this is an outdoor dining room, you can also plant edible plants such as vegetables and fruit so that you can pick grapes or oregano to accompany your meal.


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