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30 unique corner Ideas to add beauty to your home and garden.

Corner Garden Ideas

The corner of the garden often remains unlandscaped and forgotten. Rather than leave the corners empty and dull, fill them with beauty and joy. A small corner garden can easily be the highest point in the yard, making it an excellent focal point. We have plenty of designs to show you, whether a fenced yard, a house’s corner, or an open backyard. Prepare to be inspired!

1. Create a Backyard Garden Oasis with a Pergola

What a beautiful backyard setup! A unique round patio design was created in the corner. Then a pergola was installed above it to add privacy. Next, the patio was landscaped with rocks, paving stones, and gravel to create an amazing outdoor space. As a final touch, a wooden bench was placed in the middle of the circle. This is one corner garden idea to copy at the first chance!
2. Plant a Corner Garden with Pots

Using flagstone pavers to create a staging area for potted plants is a great idea. The solar lighting in this fenced corner highlights the beautiful tropical plants, providing a sunny spot for them to enjoy the summer sun.
3. Create a Spilled Flower Pots Garden

Spilled flower pots overflowing with colorful annuals spruce up this plain metal fence. The stone-clad border and red rock can be laid in a few minutes to create a fantastic, eye-catching display.

4. Use a Corner as a Seating Area

This garden seating area comes together using simple landscaping stones and gravel. The addition of terracotta pots with bright-colored annuals creates a nice, quiet corner to enjoy the outdoors. This small and easy gravel patio with a bench makes an excellent spot for a morning coffee or an afternoon tea.
5. Use an Old Ladder for a Vertical Display

Using a brightly colored ladder is a lovely way to decorate a small corner and create lots of vertical visual interest. This idea is an easy project that uses hanging pots as a decorative feature with a splash of Mediterranean style.

6. Plant an Evergreen Corner Garden

This corner garden uses a mix and match of found items, including giant mushroom decorations. The paver edging keeps the evergreen plants in bounds and is an attractive spot to place plants in pots.

7. Use Garden Figurines to Create a Corner Feature

Use miniature statues placed in a triangular pattern to create a display at the base of any large tree or shrub. A corner could be the best place for your favorite gnome garden collection. What a simple way to make a significant decorative impact!
8. Make a Corner Into a Modern Outdoor Living Room

Here a large corner paved patio and modern outdoor furniture make great use of the space. With part sun and part shade, you will be comfortable here any time of the day. The long wildflower garden bed along the edge adds a living fence and a pollinator feature for all to enjoy.

9. Turn a Quiet Corner into a Relaxing Outdoor Space

This indestructible lounge sofa creates a comfortable seating area in a quiet garden corner. Adding an outdoor space decorated with plants in pots and solar lighting is an easy way to add extra square footage to the living areas of your home.
10. Add a Corner Breakfast Area to Your Patio

A tranquil setting is easy to create using a colorful assortment of flowers. Red Mandevilla, red roses, red geraniums, and purple petunias all look lovely nestled under a perfectly trimmed Japanese variegated ornamental willow. This landscaped garden corner starts with a stone patio and a paver retaining wall to create a beautiful breakfast area for your morning cup of tea.
11. Use a Corner Arbor as a Focal Point

A corner arbor smothered in vines is the perfect location for a small outdoor table and chairs. The space has been transformed into a cozy and enclosed dining area by surrounding the arbor with a wooden fence and bright flowers. We love the elevated planters overflowing with annuals and the tea set ready to be enjoyed.
12. Build a Corner Shed

A shed placed at a diagonal against a wooden fence is a lovely idea for a cozy summer house, or a “She shed,” or the perfect site for a Halloween haunted house. This design is sparkling with festoon string lights, decorated for the fall season, and ready for Thanksgiving. Add some flower planters, and hang a door wreath, to beautify your lovely corner.
13. Create a Corner Rock Garden

Using pebbles encrusted over large stepping stones to define the area is a unique idea. The large boulders and flowers create a stunning corner rock garden. This project proves that if you don’t have any existing decor, you can create your own DIY decorations!
14. Make a Splash with Water Feature

You can’t go wrong with a water feature or fountain as a corner focal point. The contrast of bright red bricks against white pebbles is lovely, and the simple potted plants create a pleasant water garden with minimal water.
15. Use the Corner of a Picket Fence

This charming English Garden idea uses a traditional bird bath surrounded by planted flowers in a simple design. Small stones are added to create cute garden edging. Using the corner of the short picket fence to create a backyard focal point is a great way to use an otherwise empty space to your advantage.
16. Use Large Stones to Define Your Corner Garden Area

Using large stone edging is a fast and inexpensive way to add an instant garden to a corner. A freestanding water feature and solar lights add elegance to the brightly colored annual plants growing along the fence.
17. Use Plastic Edging for an Instant Corner Garden

If you are short on time or lean on budget, using cheap plastic edging and inexpensive annual flowers is a great way to create an instant corner garden. The bird basin water feature is a nice touch and will invite wildlife to enjoy this cool spot with you.

18. Add Black Mulch for an Instant Focal Point

If you want your corner garden to stand out, no matter big or small, use black mulch. It creates an attention grabber in an instant, with not much effort and expense. The lightly colored flagstone border contrasts nicely with the black mulch to create an eye-catching exhibit.

19. Paint Rocks

Whether or not you paint them yourself, painted rocks are an excellent way to spice up a boring garden corner. There are so many options for fun decor – let your imagination go wild! If you love ladybugs then this prettiest idea is for you.

20. Grow the Tallest Plants in the Corner

Plants that thrive in full sun will love to grow against a tall cement fence. The contrast of the brightly colored plants and flowers against the white wall is genuinely astonishing. We like the texture and visual interest of many different shrubs, perennials, and grasses planted together here.

21. Plant a Large Tree

Planting a large tree, like this banana tree, is an easy way to draw the eye toward the corner. Planted with other tropical plants amidst gravel flooring creates a low-maintenance garden feature.
22. Hang a Unique Light Fixture

Not everyone can enjoy their backyards or front yards during the day. This design looks even more gorgeous at night. This unique light fixture does an excellent job of beautifying a dark corner with no sun. The rich mat of evergreen ground cover plants makes this scene look like a fairytale garden. You can find this fixture named Solar Watering Can Fairy Light in Walmart. It is so whimsical!
23. Use a Decorative Object as a Focal Point

This upside-down umbrella filled with plants is a whimsical focal point for a garden. Using any decorative object nestled into the plants and edged with rocks is a lovely way to spruce up an otherwise vacant corner. You can find it on – Skoog Inverted Umbrella.
24. Make a Potting Station into an Outdoor Bar

You could use this potting station in a variety of ways. We like the idea of an outdoor bar, a place to serve morning coffee, or evening tea. Giving it a landscaped area against the fence and decorating it with flower pots and stepping stones gives it a polished look.
25. Use Flea Market Finds to Decorate Your Garden

Create a rustic garden with stone edging as a staging area to place your treasures and flea market finds. From wagon wheels to birdhouses, this area at the corner of the lawn is a perfect place to display them. And if you could find stones on your property or obtain them for free, you will spend very little on creating this treasured space.
26. Build a Flower Tower to Occupy the Corner

This corner garden uses a clematis vine growing in a vintage bucket to create a flower tower. This project would be easy to develop with sweet peas, pole beans, black-eyed Susan vines, or nasturtiums. As a final touch, hang a couple of old-fashioned watering cans on the fence. Such a simple and creative way to create a big splash of color! Again, this is a great idea for garage sale or antique store finds.
27. Construct DIY Garden Art

This decorative scene uses a bed of gravel, rocks, and blue painted mulch to display homemade garden art. The art-as-flower-pot is an idea that we have always loved. We think this unique idea could be fun to build
28. Create a Zen Corner Deck

This little Zen garden uses decking and wooden steps as the foundation for a quiet seating area. Surrounded by a bonsai tree, a Sakura tree, and a bamboo fence, we can imagine many peaceful afternoons here. And what place is better for a Zen setup than the corner?
29. Add a Bamboo Wall

Bamboo screen, white rocks and a concrete lantern in a corner Japanese meditation garden

Add a little Zen to your backyard by building a bamboo wall. You can have this project finished in only one day by placing bamboo poles against an existing fence or wall and lining them with white landscaping pebbles. This idea is excellent for a quick but elegant corner garden.
30. Decorate a Corner of Your Deck

Not everyone has a garden, but you may have the corner of a porch, deck, balcony, or patio that you can decorate with a large pot. This horsetail reed grass looks just like miniature bamboo.

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