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28 Modern Formal Garden Design Ideas

Looking for contemporary landscaping options for your yard? These Formal Garden Design Ideas will help you out!
If you are looking for minimal yet elegant designs to grace up your yard, these Formal Garden Design Ideas will tick all your boxes!

What is Formal Garden Design?
Originated in Persia, this garden design uses a clever mix of clean lines, along with geometrical and symmetrical shapes. It works great for both big and small spaces, adding a classy grandeur to the house.

As the garden looks clean and decluttered, it is very relaxing to both mind and body.

Formal Garden Design Ideas
1. Pretty Delphinium Garden with Living Arbors

2. Display Alliums and Foxgloves along the Garden Path

3. Minimal Cottage-Style Garden with Lush Lawn and Paved Pathway

4. Crisp Lawn with a Large Dragon Tree

5. Dreamy Spring Garden Path Bordered with Pear and Purple Bulbs

6. Topiary Garden Landscape

7. Formal Yard Design with Shrubs, Groundcovers, and Paved Lawn

8. Topiary Boxwood with Purple and Pink Blooming Hedge Garden

9. Formal Boxwood Garden with Pink Camellias

10. Front Yard Rose Garden with Boxwood Topiary at the Center

11. A Purple Paradise!

12. Garden Greenhouse with Pastel Blooms all Around

13. Tiny Cottage with a Floral Cart Garden in the Patio

14. Urban Deck Garden with Hydrangea Hedge Garden

15. Greenhouse in a Tropical Canopy

16. Botanical Garden with Hosta Beds and Other Plants

17. Contemporary Garden with a Statue in the Center

18. Formal Fall Garden with Colorful Foliage Plants

19. Beautiful Lush Lawn with Bushy Shrubs

20. A Lakeside Relaxing Spot by the Susan Field

21. Architectural Garden with Annabelles and Hydrangea Bed

22. Garden with Couch and Large Privacy Walls

23. Formal Boxwood Tops on Pebble Bed

24. Urban Lawn with Boxwoods and Floral Groundcovers

25. Gravel Pathway Between Boxwood and Rose Hedges

26. Beautiful Knot Garden with a Shed House to Relax

27. White Hydrangea Garden with Brick Walkway

28. Italian Hedge Garden

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