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25 Best Garden Edging Ideas for Beautiful Landscaping

    Whether you’re growing loads of pretty flowers or a bumper crop of vegetables, or you want to upgrade your front yard with a new garden bed, every landscape bed should be edged to keep it looking neat.

    This essential step is something many homeowners skip, but edging adds a final flourish to your plantings. Without edging, your garden beds look unfinished.

    Garden edging also serves a functional purpose by keeping grasses, many of which spread, out of your beds. A sharp edge between grass and planting beds makes your lawn and look neat and tidy, too. In addition, edging protects your annuals and perennials from the mower and string trimmer.

    Edging comes in many different materials from plastic to metal to wood to stone. Choose a type that echoes your garden’s style. For example, stone looks charming in a cottage garden, while the crisp edges of metal work in a garden with a more contemporary feel.

    Now, we won’t lie to you: Installing edging takes a little work, but if done well, the results can last for years. Different types of edging also require different levels of effort. For example, pound-in types can be hammered into the ground with a rubber mallet, while long rolls of edging require a trench to be dug for installation.

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