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21 Cute DIY Tire Planter Ideas

If your storage space is full of broken tires but you don’t want to throw them away, we would like to show you some ways to switch them over to creative planters for your garden. In this way, you will lead an eco-friendly life and even add a unique character to your space. You won’t regret repurposing these old tires because of the color and cuteness they bring to your garden!

We suggest you prepare spray paint with your favorite colors, wearing a handsaw and a mask to protect your health. However, there’s still one reminder that you must pay attention to is using them as flower planters only. Growing food like herbs and vegetables in tire planters is dangerous because they contain a poisonous chemical that can be absorbed directly into the food you plant.

Now let’s get down to work with 25 tire planter ideas in the following!

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