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20 Inspiring Small Garden Ideas to Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Having an empty space will of course be more interesting if it is made into a beautiful area and decorates the space. One of the things you can do to fill this empty area is to make it a garden. This garden doesn’t have to be large in size, you can arrange it creatively even though it’s a small size. For some ideas that you can emulate, check out Inspiring Small Garden Ideas to Decorating Your Outdoor Space.

Neat shape

This area has a neat appearance and an interesting pattern made of pebbles that allows the plants to grow neatly and cleanly. This garden not only uses the yard, but also the wall area to create a space-saving vertical garden.

Add tiny pond

To add a more interesting touch, you can use small earthenware to serve as a small pond which makes a small garden feel fresher and seems to be a complete ecosystem. Surround this small pond with rocks or pebbles so that the water can seep in properly.

Creative tiny garden

Making small shapes with this garden border will make your garden feel more alive. Combine several materials in this small garden such as gravel, rocks, pots, planters and plants with a variety of looks.

Use brick as garden border

Replace the standard garden border with bricks that can be arranged in a specific pattern to give your garden a more varied appearance. Use natural-colored bricks that appear to blend in with this small garden. A clay pot is the ideal color combination for this brick.

Combine several colors

Using a spiral pattern, this small garden will give an amazing appearance to anyone who sees it. Combine several colors in the selection of gravel and also the plants. You can choose the color you like to make it look more attractive to you.

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