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20 Best Terrace Decor Ideas for Cozy Relaxing All The Time

The terrace is part of the house which is usually used as a relaxing area suitable for gathering with family. But not only that, you can also use the terrace as a fresh garden. For some ideas that you can imitate, see the following article about Cozy and Cool Garden Terrace Ideas.

Refreshing and cool garden

This first terrace idea has a fresh garden view with a stretch of grass that makes the area feel fresher. Not only that, to give a more colorful impression, additional hydrangea flowering plants can make the terrace more beautiful.

Small deck

The garden around the terrace can be enjoyed comfortably from the deck that has been built into the terrace. The addition of a few lounge chairs adds comfort for anyone who enjoys it. The addition of several plant pots placed in the corner of the deck also adds to the atmosphere of freshness.

Beautiful flowers in the terrace

The terrace that you have will look stunning with this one idea. Additional flowering plants that are made to propagate on the terrace poles, create a stunning view even on a small terrace. You can choose the appropriate plant and what you like.

Flower and plant on the basket

This terrace garden has a fresh look with the surrounding trees allowed to grow naturally. Several flower bouquets are placed in a terrace basket and become a beautifying view. It will be very comfortable for you and your family when relaxing on a beautiful terrace like this.

Dry garden concept

The garden doesn’t have to be a lawn full of green grass. Creating a garden in a small area, such as a terrace, is usually tricked by placing plants in pots and arranging them in one spot that will emit freshness at the same time.

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