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19 Cool and Fun Planter Craft Ideas

Flowers and plants have always been a part of human lives, they add life and color to the living space. But you should not overspend on outdoor planters from stores and create your own DIY planters by getting these inspirations below. In addition, buying plant pots and containers can be so expensive, you can make your DIY planters from scratch, often using materials you already have or can find for free. With these ideas, you can take your planters to the next level without costs.

These ideas are easy-to-make, which means you can pretty up your space in the span of a single afternoon. Once your container gardens are complete, they can be displayed on your patio, porch, or indoors and make it shine even brighter. Or, you also can use them as homemade gifts to present to family and friends. Let’s take a look at some interesting planters and projects.

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