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18 Cute and Unusual DIY (Hanging) Planters

These Cute and Unusual DIY Hanging Planters are perfect for creatively recycling old stuff and displaying beautiful plants in style!

Here are some easy-to-make Cute, and Unusual DIY Hanging Planters that you can put on display by creatively recycling some old stuff around your home to make them look stunning. 

Cute and Unusual DIY Hanging Planters

1. Doll Face Planter

Cute and Unusual DIY Hanging Planters 1

Check out this DIY planter design to make a simple yet unusual hanging planter. The gardener has opted for a realistic design by painting a human face on a pet bottle. 

2. Aquarium Planter

If you love gardens, plants, and sea creatures, you can turn your yard into an aquarium with jellyfish hanging planters. Check this guide for a cute and unusual DIY succulent jellyfish hanging planter. 


3. Chair Planter

Cute and Unusual DIY Hanging Planters 3

Irrespective of the space in your garden, you will always find a corner for a chair planter to fit in. See how you can make this chair planter with chicken wire, moss, a mix of succulents, and an old metal chair.


4. Old Fan Planter

If you have old fans lying around, put that damaged article to good use for your garden. Get surprised to see the cute and unusual DIY planter you can make of these junkies.

5. Chandelier Planter

If you have an old chandelier that is still beautiful, do not throw it away. Watch this tutorial to learn how to reuse it into a stunningly cute but unusual planter!


6. Purse Planter

Do you love to make planters from unusual things around the home? Watch this video guide to make a quick and easy planter and add some fun to your garden patio or deck.


7. Picture Frame Planter


A picture frame planter like this will help you display your favorite succulents in a limited space vertically on a wall. Make one for yourself from this tutorial.

8. Bikini Planter

A wacky planter idea—this bikini planter can be hung easily at any low-light place where you can display the shallow root specimens in style.


Worth Trying Non-Hanging DIY Planters!

9. Caterpillar Planter

Cute and Unusual DIY Hanging Planters 2

10. Duck Planter

Check out this video tutorial for some inspiration on how you can recycle old, empty plastic bottles to make beautiful planters. So, try some shared ideas instead of discarding all the pet bottles. 


11. Doll’s Body Planter

If you want to make this bizarre and unusual planter for your small plants, check out this guide. He has made planters out of an old radio, keyboard, and mouse. 


12. Clock Planter

Cute and Unusual DIY Hanging Planters 4

Find out how you can use an old clock, some plants, and chalk paint to make your own unusual but cute plant home. Check out this blog for more. 


13. Cement Sneaker Planter

How about turning your old sneakers into an unusual and unique planter? Follow this easy tutorial to make a cement planter using an old pair of sneakers.


14. Snapshot Planter

Cute and Unusual DIY Hanging Planters 5

If you love clicking photos, try this DIY idea to bring photo inspiration to your garden. Use an old camera lens coffee mug to make a DIY planter. 


15. Toy Truck Planter

Take an old toy truck from your kid’s toys collection and make an exciting planter. Make sure the toy has enough space for the plant before you proceed with this DIY idea.


16. Pumpkin Planter

Cute and Unusual DIY Hanging Planters 6

If you have seen these fascinating pumpkin planters on social media and wondering how to make them, check out this easy DIY tutorial. 


17. Doll Head Planter

For some crazy doll head planter ideas, check out this post. It can be another easy, inexpensive way to create unusual planters for your home and garden. 


18. Guitar Planter

Cute and Unusual DIY Hanging Planters 8

If you have a spare guitar, turn it into a DIY planter. Check out this tutorial to learn how to dissemble the bridge, strings, and other pieces to make an unusual but cute planter.


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