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15+ Cool Under Ground Garden Pond Ideas for Making Favorite Garden

You garden is not full and cool, if there are not water features. But, if you are a nice and positive person you could pay attention to this. What we have to show you for today, are garden pond ideas. There are two types of modern pond, in the ground or under the ground. Today, we have to show you under the ground garden pond. These ideas are perfect for your garden and backyard too. Find and save ideas how to create relaxing atmosphere. Find the right place for the pond and realize it. You could place the pond to be seen of the terrace in your house. In my opinion, that’s the best location. You could add bench and seating chairs near to the pond. In this way, you will enjoy in natural garden pond.

Garden without a water feature is like tree without leaves. It’s empty and mundane.

The combination of garden pond and waterfall is the best. Pond made of stones, or raised pond would perfectly suits in every garden place. You could choose for fish pond and you could see fish everyday. In this way, you will have lively garden. Also, another idea is to add bridge around the pond. With this, you will have adorable garden with amazing decorative elements. Nowadays, small ponds with waterfall is very modern. Add flowers and plants to complete the decoration.

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