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10 Porch Decor Ideas For Welcoming a Fresh Summer

 Summer is coming soon. Some preparations you need to do to celebrate. The front porch is one of the most important parts of a house. Because it is located at the front of the house, of course, it will often be the center of attention for guests who come.
If you’re planning to change the look of the terrace, we’ve compiled porch decors ideas for welcoming a fresh summer below!

1. Beautiful blue terrace

The front porch of the house looks beautiful with shades of blue. Blue is a peaceful and calm natural color. Blue house doors become a special attraction to beautiful the look of the house. You can combine with flower wreath decorations that will beautify the look.

2. Terrace design with yellow accents



Want to create a more cheerful home atmosphere? You can use as beautiful of yellow. Sunflowers and orange color decorations complement the patio decors to welcome summer.

3. Front porch aesthetic swings

Enjoying a relaxing time and gathering with family on the terrace looks perfect. Moreover, the terrace equipped with a beautiful swing. You can combine with padded pads for the most comfortable position.

4. Relaxing on the terrace


A pair of chairs with shades of red became the focal point of the terrace of the house. Red can liven up the atmosphere and make the conversation more passionate. You can use plant decorations to beautify the terrace.

5. Minimalist patio decors


For those of you who want a simple terrace design, you can imitate the design of the terrace above. Presenting greenery as the main decoration can create a cooler home atmosphere.

6. Flower-filled terrace design


Present a beautiful flower-filled terrace. Designing a summer porch decoration is actually not too difficult. You can put flowers on the button and left of the terrace stairs. Simple but alluring, isn’t it?

7. All-white summer terrace design

 The white house never fails to make the look more elegant. Tips for those of you who have a narrow terrace, you can use light colors. For decorations, use bright flower colors to bring the look to life.

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